A cup of Traquili-tea *Infused with violets*

Spring is here and the violets are blossoming. We love these flowers which are edible and can be used in many different ways. Of course the we are creators of herbal teas, but for this version you can join in the fun by picking your own fresh violets.

Cold Brew Herbal Tea Version

We are using A cup of Tranquili-tea in our experiment. The first option is to infuse 1-2 tablespoons of Tranquili-tea together with fresh violets overnight and prepare a cold brew. Note that this requires room temperature or cold water. The mix is then left to infuse overnight (around 12 hours) in the fridge. In the morning you ill have a calming a soothing cold infused herbal tea. We used violet ice cubes here. To do that simply add flowers to the water you use to make the ice cubes.

Violet Tranquili-Tea Lemonade

For this version you will need to infuse violets (about one cup) in hot water and let it sit overnight. The next day you can prepare a tea pot of Tranquili-tea and let it cool down. After mix the herbal tea infusion with the infused violet water, add lemon juice and honey or sugar if you wish.

bilden visar ett glas med idyleaf lugnande te och en kopp med luktviolerthe photo shows a glass with idyleaf Tranquilitea

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