Better me Up- A Staple Tea Blend for the Cold Season

What do frosty autumn/winter days have in common with herbal teas? While we all know that while tea is a healthy drink, there are many kinds with a wide range of health benefits. We wanted to create the perfect blend for to enjoy during the colder season that would not only taste great but also help boost our immunity and be our best friend when the cold/flu symptoms start to kick in.

To start with, did you know that elderflower tea is one of the most common cold and flu remedies around the world? Well, we love everything about these beautiful flowers: their beautiful scent, the flavour, the fact that it is a common tree and the flowers are abundant. The next best thing is combining it with lemon and it makes for the perfect comfort drink on cold and dark winter days.

That is the reason we borrowed from that traditional wisdom in order to create an even better tea blend that can serve a strong immunity boosting function, and thus we created Better me up with a Cup. When consumed regularly it truly gives you an extra boost of vitamin C while being a warm and comforting drink you can enjoy either at home or during work hours. But we didn't stick to the basics. Here is some additional information about the herbs we used in this blend and why this is a must-have for your tea stash.


This herb is loaded with antioxidants and has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal plant. It is native to Native America but has spread much further and today it even makes for a popular garden flower in many Swedish homes. Several studies show that echinacea contains active substances that reduce the duration of a cold, and it is best known for its antiviral properties. Therefore it has the ability to reduce the cold symptoms and help you feel better faster. Another study found that the herb reduced the chances of catching a cold by 58%. It is no wonder that over the years it is becoming an increasingly popular herb used in many supplement forms.

Sea Buckthorn berries

These berries are gold. In colour and as a way of describing just how amazing their health benefits are. They are rich in antioxidants and real vitamin C bombs. One of the most common reasons sea buckthorn is used as a supplement is due to its immunity boosting properties. Apart from this, the antioxidants in these berries can also help you looking younger for much longer!


This is a beautiful flower that is abundant in our fields and meadows. But it is often overlooked. It is however one of the most popular medicinal herbs, due to its impressive range of beneficial herbs. Yarrow is an anti-inflammatory herb  and therefore useful to consume when we need to reduce nasal and respiratory inflammation associated with the common cold.


The high content of vitamin C and antioxidants in lemon can give your immune system a boost while also helping your body fight the common cold and flu. Often this results in a shorter cold or milder symptoms. What is more, lemon slices can also easy a case of a sore throat.


This amazing flower has been traditionally used as a tea due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Typically in many cultures consuming tea with elderflower has a positive impact on symptoms of colds and flu, such as sinus infections, and other respiratory problems.
If you like to drink a cup or two of tea during cold autumn/winter evenings why not go for our immunity boosting recipe? What is more, it is a caffeine free blend that can help you relax and sleep better without compromising on flavour. It simply feels comforting all while it tastes like summer.
bilden visar ett trä och snö på toppen och på botten ett kopp idyleaf immunitet tebilden visar snö och en kvinna som håller en kopp med idyleaf immunitet te

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