Chamomile tea Benefits

Chamomile is a well documented herb for its health benefits, which most often include its ability to promote a state of calm and help regulate sleep patterns. However, there are more reasons why we love it. Below is a list of added benefits of chamomile but also Keep Dreaming.

It can reduce inflammation

Chamomile flowers contain active ingredients that are inflammatory and help fight infections. This has been documented by several studies.

It helps sleep and relaxation

Its mild sedative effects have been proven to induce a state of calm and help people fall asleep easier. In addition, it has potential to help reduce symptoms of anxiety.

It can promote digestive health

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile helps to soothe an upset stomach and therefore is a great tea to drink for that purpose.

Chamomile is the key ingredient in our Keep Dreaming blend. The taste of the herb is mildly floral, but in the blend we added more sweetness with lemon balm, more floral notes from the linden flowers and leaves and an extra touch of colour from the beautifully calming purple heather blossoms.

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