Happy Tummies Herbal Lattes: hot or cold

Happy Tummies is a digestive tea blend that tastes minty and sweet. It is a mix of peppermint leaves, dandelion, licorice root, rosemary and lemon balm. This is the perfect blend to choose for a much needed dose of energy and to improve digestion after meals but also to soothe stomach cramps.

Despite the fact that our first choice for making an old-fashioned herbal latte was Keep Dreaming, we decided to put this to the test too. The result was that the foamed milk is adding more sweetness, balances out the bitter herbs and not only is it tasty, but also refreshing at the same time. So how do you make this interesting herby latte?

For the warm version you will have to brew the tea for 8-10 minutes (as we will be adding milk it should be a stronger infusion). While you wait for the tea to brew, heat up your milk of choice (we used the barista oat milk version) and frost it, either with a milk frosting tool, or with a french press. When both are ready simply pour the milk over the tea and enjoy.

For the Happy Tummies iced latte version you can follow the next steps. Make a tray of ice cubes and prepare the tea. If you would like to cold brew your tea then add two tablespoons of the blend to 500 ml of room temperature or cold water. Let it infuse overnight, 8-12 hours in the fridge. Alternatively you can just brew the tea normally and let it cool then transfer to the fridge to get properly chilled. When it is ready, add ice cubes to a glass, tea and as much milk as you would like. Sweeten with honey or syrup as a vegan alternative.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy your latte.

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