Happy Tummies- Our sweet and minty herbal tea blend

A wise person once said that a happy tummy leads to a happy life. And perhaps there is some truth in that. It means we are in a much more comfortable place to enjoy life's moments.

Overeating at Christmas, a bad street food choice, stress, lack of fiber, starch, sometimes anger- there are so many reasons why we end up with an upset stomach. Some of us are just a little bit more sensitive to everything too. Healthy teas usually have functions, and fortunately with the right herbal blend we can ease the every day stress that our digestion endures.

The blend combines herbs that are traditionally used to soothe pains or discomfort associated with digestive issues.

Dandelion is a herb that that has been studied before. Fpr example, one study found that 2 cups of the infused herb can reduce bloating symptoms. It has been used for centuries as a supplement to aid digestive problems. Mint is one of the most studied herbs and evidence suggests it is effective in treating symptoms of indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and digestive pain. Licorice is a sweet tasting root that in this case will balance the bitterness of the dandelion. More than just ensuring Happy Tummies has a pleasant herby taste, it is also used to counter symptoms not just of indigestion but also acid reflux and heartburn, which can in some occasions be a side effect of mint. We then balance one beneficial herb with another. Lemon balm is a beautiful herb that we use in several of our blends. It is sweet in taste and traditionally used for a wide variety of functions, including indigestion, soothing cramps, and helping relaxation. And finally rosemary is added to the mix because it is beneficial in promoting a healthy balance of gut bacteria and it has a natural pleasant flavour.

As with the rest of our blends, all the herbs we use are rich sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which count towards a varied diet. Consuming a cup or two of Happy Tummies after a meal will do more than just help prevent digestive problems and it is fully natural. There are no additives, either natural or artificial in this blend. We use the plants itself to ensure we create a balanced taste and function and we leave you the choice to add a sweetener if you wish.

the photo shows cups with idyleaf digestive herbal teabilden visar koppar med idyleaf matsmältningste

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