New Blends: Summer Bliss and Magic Summer Nights

Since we developed the Idyleaf concept we knew we wanted to create seasonal blends. This goes in line with our more sustainable approach to food and drinks. For example, we knew our Swedish berries will be among the ingredients of our winter teas as they can be collected in late summer and autumn, while the warmer season blends will feature early summer berries.

Summer 2021 is the first warmer season in our journey. We have created two recipes which will be available in lower quantities, from May to September.

The first tea is a primarily herbal blend, which we named Summer Bliss. The story behind the blend comes from our feelings of experiencing Swedish summers: long nights, fields of wildflowers, a slower pace of life when our towns are quieter and most people explore the beautiful landscapes we have. A lot of us look forward to sunnier and warmer days and we make the most of the season by truly appreciating the light and sun.

The ingredients in Summer Bliss are mainly summer flowers and herbs: lavender, linden, refreshing mint, a good dose of healthy nettle, and pieces of freeze dried raspberries. We used nettle in this blend primarily due to its traditional use for calming the very common summer allergies. The blend is perfect for brewing cold or to be consumed as a cold infusion. It tastes: floral/fresh.

The second blend is our summer fruity tea which we primarily developed to be cold brewed or consumed as ice tea. The name of Magic Summer Nights was chosen by our customers, friends and our social media followers through a poll. We wanted to engage with our community and pick the final name together. It was a very rewarding process and we hope to do this again.

The fruity blend is similar to our winter hibiscus blend. We kept the hibiscus flowers because they are perfect to cold brew, and we added summer berries to the mix: sweet mulberries and redcurrants, as well a fresh tasting ginger. This blend was the first one in which we began the process of processing some of our own ingredients. The ginger in this case. In this way, together with our slower approach to living, we want to ensure that we provide use ingredients that are as fresh as they can be. We can also have more control over the quality of the ingredients. We are creating our own little piece of heaven by having a room that smells of freshly dried ginger and we further transmit this beautiful smell and flavour to you this summer in Magic Summer Nights.

Note that our tea blends are fully natural and we do not add any flavours to them. We want to harness the health benefits of the herbs and berries. So the berries for example will make Magic Summer Nights taste tangy, while the ginger preserves more of its spicy notes. Do shake this blend before consuming, as in our experience, the mulberries tend to fall at the bottom of the packaging. 

bilden visar idyleaf sommartethe photo shows idyleaf summer tea blends


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