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Loose leaf herbal teas require extra tools to brew, however the process is not much more complicated than a tea bag. You can however benefit from more naturally flavoured drinks, warm or cold, as well as more potent functions. Here you can read more about the advantage of drinking loose leaf herbal teas.

Over a long period we have tested many ways of brewing herbal teas and as you would expect from a tea business, plenty of accessories. Note that our experience is gained in Sweden. And here are a range of options to help you find more comfort in your tea brewing journey.

1) First things first: a tea pot! Naturally that is one of the first things that comes in mind. And our favourite? This cute Ikea mini pot, that you will often see and in many of our photos or content. It does come in a larger size too. Probably the most affordable tea pot on the market, but that is not why we love it. The clear glass lets you enjoy the changing colour of the infusion.The infuser is the best part though. The mesh is fine enough to hold the smaller tea pieces in place, yet it is big enough to give room to the plants to properly soak and infuse the water. It can be easily detached once the tea is ready and the lid applied to keep the tea warm for longer. Any loose bits or so called tea dust, will fall at the bottom and not end up in the cup. A removable infuser has a big advantage over tea pots where it is fixed, because the tea will have to be poured all at once or it will get bitter. So removing the infuser solves that problem.

bilden visar en tekanna med idyleaf örtte

2) A tea infuser like this or this. The finer the mesh the better it holds all tea leaves together. The advantage is that it can be used and reused countless of times, which makes it an environmentally friendly option. It is good and useful when you just want a small cup of tea. It is a great replacement for a tea bag.

bilden visar en ikea teskula för idyleaf örttebilden visar en tesil för idyleaf örtte

3) The reusable cotton tea bag we give out with every order. Tea bag convenience could not get any closer to bagged tea blends. Just fill it up, infuse, then empty it in the compost, rinse, and use again.

bilden visar en återanvändbar tepåse med idyleaf örtte mot depression blues be gone

4) Perfect for cold infusions: the infuser bottle. Again, there are plenty of such premium bottles out there on the market, but this Ikea one is our go to. It has a similarly fine mesh to the tea pot.The main difference is that it is really convenient to close and carry around anywhere with you. You can also use it as a normal water bottle or for infused water. So it is not simply a tea accessory, but a multi-purpose one. Alternatively, there is also this mini version that is just enough for one cup of tea, and currently in limited edition. An infuser bottle is the perfect accessory if you like to drink lose leaf teas at work too.

bilden visar en ikea flaska med tesil för idyleaf örtte

5) The (yes, again) Ikea milk frosting buzzing tool. Herbal lattes are so easy to make at home. In this recipe, we shared a 'manual' way of frosting milk with a french press, but if you really like your lattes, consider investing (if we can call it that) in this lovely invention. Surprise your guests with perfectly frothy lattes, whether herbal or coffee based.

bilden visar en ikea mjölksummare för idyleaf örtte

6) A kettle with a built in infuser. A really efficient process for that matter, because your tea will brew in the time it takes for the water to boil.

bilden visar en tekokare för idyleaf örtte

7) A French press can also very well be used for our teas. And the best thing about it is that it serves two purposes: tea and coffee. 

bilden visar en presskanna för idyleaf örtte

8) A re-usable tea filter, like this one. It holds everything in place yet again it has plenty of room for the tea to infuse. It can be used with the tea pot in (1) or with a cup.

bilden visar en tekanna med en tefilter för idyleaf örttebilden visar en tekanna med en tefilter för idyleaf örtte

9) Finally a strainer, which may already be found in many homes. In that way you can brew your tea in anything you like and just strain it when ready.

bilden visar en tesil för idylead örtte

Now, that's a comprehensive list with many options. Do you have a preferred method of brewing teas?


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