Processing local ingredients- A more sustainable approach

One of Idyleaf's main values is to source higher quality ingredients that have the lowest impact on the environment as possible. We realised that this would not actually be an easy journey, but we were committed to it from the beginning. With small steps.

The first step was to source our ingredients directly from Europe, at least those available. That is why the vast amount of the plants we use in our teas are wildcrafted or foraged in Romania. This means that we can shorted the distances but also working more directly and getting closer to the source.

In the summer of 2021 we however began to collect, process and add our own local, Swedish ingredients to our herb supply. The capacity we have is still small, through we see this as a great step in the right direction towards where we want to go in terms of our values and mission.

So far we have managed to source all the roses we need for Tranquili-tea from areas around Skövde. We have also sourced lady's mantle (Crampy Days), a common herb in Northern Climates, growing both wild but also being a very popular decorative plant; elderflowers (Better me Up), Yarrow (Better me Up, Crampy Days), St John's Wort (Blues be Gone), Linden (Tranquili-tea, Keep Dreaming, Summer Bliss).

bilden visar idyleaf immunitet te

Later in August the berry season will begin in Sweden. So we are really excited to add local blueberries and lingon to Cosy Nordic Nights. Additionally, we will also collect all the heather in Keep Dreaming locally.

So in reality, we might not be living in the best climate to produce herbal teas, but we most definitely can compliment that with what we have. In this way, we are all sure to contribute to a more sustainable future, where reducing the transport and distance it takes for us to source ingredients means lower emissions, and better quality ingredients.

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bilden visar idyleaf johannesört te
the photo shows a seethrough cup filled with pink and purple rose petals

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