This is how you can Enjoy the Idyleaf Herbal Blends

When we think about tisanes or herbal infusions most often we picture a warm cup of tea in the winter. And while there is no doubt that is a very cosy and relaxing way to drink herbal infusions, there are also other ways to enjoy them and they can also be mixed and matched depending on time of the day, mood or occasion.

Cold brewed herbal infusions are a great way to boost hydration during the day with the added benefits of the the herbs picked for a specific blend. To make a cold infusion you will not need a fancy tea pot or to wait around but follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick a container such a a large jar, a jug or a bottle that has a wider neck (to get the herbs out the next day).
  2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of the herbal blend of choice
  3. Pour cold or room temperature water over it, seal with a lid/cap and let it infuse overnight (10-12 hours).
  4. The following morning strain out the infusion into a bottle and either bring it anywhere and sip from it throughout the day or store in the fridge for 24-28 hours.

You can use the cold infusion method for any blend. This will slowly release all the goodness from the herbs or fruit in the infusions without making it taste bitter. From our blends we would however recommend this method particularly for Cosy Nordic Nights (it makes for a really refreshing, vitamin packed day drink as well), A Cup of Tranquili-tea, and Better me up with a Cup.

Hello Herbal Lattes!

Yes, they exist and are sweet and warm and delightful. There are two main ways to make a herbal latte depending on personal preference mostly.

  1. Boil the herbal blend in almond milk on the stove and let it steep for 5-10 minutes. Add frosted milk on top if available.
  2. Make a normal but more concentrated warm infusion and add warm regular or frosted milk to it.

We recommend lattes with Keep Dreaming, right before bedtime, Blues be Gone and Crampy Days. But do lot let that limit the frosty herbal latte possibilities.

Take your warm infusion on a trip

When it is cold outside a warm drink in a thermos can enhance the experience. Whether it is a crampy time of the month and work needs finishing through it all, or going for a walk in nature, you can bring your warm herbal infusion anywhere in the outdoors or the city too. We definitely recommend packing a smaller dose of Happy Tummies when traveling for an extended period of time, to help out in case food adventures turn not so pleasant, and a Cup of Tranquili-tea for long walks in nature.

And last but not least

Warm infusions at home in the evening with a good book, an exciting Netflix series, or simply at the end of a long busy day. Because it doesn't get more mysigt than that. Enjoy this with the spiced superberry Cosy Nordic Nights, a dose of immunity boosting Better me up with Cup, or Blues be Gone.

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