What's in A cup of tranquili-tea?

When I was in high school I briefly knew an elderly person who was all about keeping healthy. Every night before bed she would brew a large pot of herbal tea and then let is cool down over night. Then she would transfer the infusion to a bottle and drink it throughout the day. I don't know what kind of herbs she used. But the idea of drinking cold, herb infused water definitely became appealing because it is more convenient than having to make several cups of tea per day. And especially for times when we are on the move.

The cup of tranquili-tea is a relaxing herbal blend, but does not have strong sedative properties that induce sleep. On the contrary it can help boost energy levels too. So it can be enjoyed throughout the day, even while working.

Tranquility in this sense is a reduction of the negative aspects of having to deal with stressful situations. The ability to have a state of calm when we are not always in control.

Herbal teas are usually rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Drinking several cups a day can help boost immunity and improve hydration, but herbs also have been traditionally used for particular health functions.

Beyond ingredients each herb in this cup was selected with this functionality in mind.

Thyme may have an effect on lowering heart rate, therefore reducing nervousness. It contains a compound called carvacrol, which boosts well-being and lowers cortisol levels.

Lavender is often most praised for its ability to decrease anxiety in humans. Both the scent and its essential oils promote a state of relaxation.

Linden has a similar effect to lavender. Have you ever walked by a linden tree in early summer and noticed its beautiful scent? They can be often found in parks or by the side of the street. The urban planners that brought linden trees into our cities were definitely on to something pleasant. Drinking infused leaves and flowers is generally believed to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

Mint is one of most well known herbs both when it comes to herbal tea but also as a food ingredient. It is refreshing and generally used as a supplement for digestive problems. But apart from a wealth of health benefits, some studies found that the scent of mint promotes alertness and improved brain function as well as decreasing feelings of frustration and anxiety. And because we wanted a refreshing blend that can be consumed during the day, we added it into the mix.

Finally the cup is topped with rose petals as the scent of roses may promote a state of relaxation and reduce anxiety. As a bonus to them also being rich in vitamic C and antioxidants.

The thyme we used for this blend is not cultivated, but wildcrafted from mountain areas in Europe, where it is native and growing in the best conditions for it to fully mature and grow with all the benefits it has to offer. I didn't grow up with this in the arsenal of herbal remedies my family used but I became familiar with it in Bosnia as it grew pretty much everywhere. It has purple flowers, similar to marjoram and it is as beautiful as it is flagrant.

To learn more about the different ways to brew and enjoy our herbal infusion blends head over to this articles where we explain the process in depth.

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bilden visar en kopp med lind och text med frågan: vad finns i A cup od Tranquili-tea
the photo shows a text that says: the story of a cup of tranquili-tea and a cup filled with tea

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