Seven Reasons to Drink Herbal tea Every day

When we developed our herbal tea blends we paid close attention to mixing up herbs with a particular function in mind. However, beyond that specific function, all the herbs and fruit we use have many more benefits. Adding this to your daily routine can overall encourage a healthier lifestyle and be a great addition to a varied diet.

Low Calorie Alternative to other healthy drinks

If you have purchased any herbal tea you may have noticed that we do not provide nutritional value. The main reason for that is because herbal teas have close to zero calories and therefore we need not declare it. It is practically a way to keep yourself hydrated, while taking advantage of its benefits for your health.

Herbal teas can improve digestion.

Our primary blend with that function is Happy Tummies, though other herbs have similar advantages. Chamomile, ginger, fennel, cloves are among the herbs we use in other blends that also serve that function.

They are caffeine free

Caffeine is often stimulating, but not everyone can tolerate it at all times. For people who experience stress, are sensitive to caffeine, or have issues with sleep, herbal teas provide a more relaxing alternative.

Can help relieve stress

Many herbs have well documented effects on reducing stress. For example, chamomile, St John's Wort, mint, thyme, lavender can have a positive effect on reducing stress levels and leading to a more general state of well-being, especially when combined with other stress reducing methods such as walking in nature and/or meditation.

They can reverse oxidative stress

We often promote that our blends are rich in antioxidants. The good news is that they help prevent and reverse damage caused by free radicals and helping us prevent the aging cell process. In this way they help boost our immunity but will also impact on helping us look younger for longer.

There are many ways to prepare them

Herbal teas do not need to simply be a normal warm infusion. They can also be enjoyed cold with ice, as herbal lattes, combined with citrus juice and made into lemonade, or served as mocktails.

The Idyleaf blends are fully natural 

This means that we do use additives but simply blend the dried ingredients. We sell what we market. So if you read blueberries on the packaging, it means they are among the ingredients and not simply an added flavour. Most of our herbs grow naturally and are wild crafted. They are minimally processed, meaning that the herbs can better preserve their qualities and taste for longer periods of time.the photo shows a jar and a glass with idyleaf herbal tea

 bilden visar ett glas med idyleaf johannesört te




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