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About us

We are a small and independent Swedish herbal blends brand that resulted out of passion for herbs and berries and a big love for this planet and everything that it offers us.



Our Infusions: Process, Ingredients, Origin


All the infusions we sell are caffeine free. We do this to provide you with drinks that are calming rather than stimulating, soothing for our minds and enabling of a mindful approach to take breaks, or simply boost a sense of calm into our busy lives and help us get that healthy sleep.


They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and a well known fact about herbal infusions is that they have have such a low calorie count that it goes unnoticed. Herbs and fruit have traditionally been used in infusions around the world, each with their own purpose and health benefits. The fact that they can be enjoyed both hot and cold also makes them a good choice of drink for all seasons. We blend all the goodness, paying attention to flavour and function you add water (or milk- Hello herbal lattes!) and you've got a healthy and fully natural alternative to other drinks.


Our blends are made primarily with herbs that are wild-crafted in Europe (with some small exceptions), as the process requires much less human intervention and resources. By choosing to source the majority of our herbs from within the EU and them passing through fewer hands, we also shorten the distances and time needed for the ingredients to get to us. Like this, not only do we get much higher quality ingredients but also package them while they are super fresh. The quality of our blends is also guaranteed from the fact that there's no machine processing involved, and no additives are used to change the natural flavour and colour of the ingredients. And they are created and hand blended, individually, in Sweden.


All herbal blends are zero waste from the start. We want to be a partner in the just transition to a carbon neutral world from the beginning. Our packaging is made from compostable kraft paper and starch so that you can just compost the pouch together with the label.